What is a Calibration Certificate ?

A calibration certificate is a physical or digital document that contains the results of the calibration of an instrument, such as a balance or thermometer. The product of a calibration is the relationship between the readings of an instrument and the values indicated by a standard.

ISO 9001:2015

In order to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 Measurement Traceability Requirement, and to provide confidence in the validity of the measurements required by Clients, Projects R&F USA’s Locator Teams must have their calibration verified annually.


Radiodetection, devised an online platform for the Certification of Equipment (eCAL) through the software Centers Manager.

You simply need to purchase an eCAL License and have a PC/Laptop, a Connection cable with USB port, Printer and Locator.

Once the License is purchased, Radiodetection will send a code “Key”

Step by Step to Perform.

1. Download the Application:


  1. Running the “Center Manager” Program (The Downloaded Application)
  2. Connect the equipment with the Latop, through the USB / Cable …
  3. Select Option 1. “Locator Software Update. == Select the Option of the key icon. enter: Password, (received, by the purchase of the License.
  4. Return to the Main Menu Select Option 4. “Locator eCal Validation”. The program will verify, the variables of the Equipment, will be observed
  5. Then choose the Print Icon, to issue the Physics Certificate.
  6. You can Print, the Certificate Quantity, that you want, during the Term of the License, which is 1 year.

As you can see, the online certification time is approximately 4 minutes.

You can Certify the Locator as many times as you need.

The duration of the Certification is 1 year. (Validity of the Acquired License)

This has been a publication prepared by the Quality Department of Projects R&F USA, Inc. Thank you very much! We hope it will be of great use to you.