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PROJECTS R&F USA, begins utility locating services operations in November 2016. By the end of 2023 PROJECTS R&F USA, consists of a Portfolio of over 130 Construction – Commercial Clients, we have performed 545 Private Utility Locating Services in the states: VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, FL,  No third party damages and no lost time accidents.

Our locators are certified and we use state-of-the-art certified Radiodetection equipment to provide you with a complete and accurate Locating Service for all buried utilities. After the Service we provide you with a detailed report of the marked utilities: electric, gas, sewer, water and water, indicating the depth of service, so that your team can perform a safe excavation.

Failure to perform a reliable detection directly leads to a large percentage of breakage of a service, which would cause the following problems:

• Damage to third parties
• Paralysis of activities
• Compensation to the affected

The commitment of our CEO, is oriented toward 

Reach in the United Sates of America, leadership in the provision of Underground Utility Detection Service, be a reference model for operational effectiveness and be recognized by our customers for the appropriate responses, innovating with the technology of the moment for development and organizational growth






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