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Private Utility Locating

Private utility locating services identify underground lines beyond what the standard one-call system covers. Essential for homes and businesses, these services prevent damage to buried utilities like cables and pipes.


Common lines of communication at home, business or industry are:
1. Internet
2. Telephone
3. T.V.
4. Alarm signals

Potable Water

Drinking water lines for home, business or industry consumption, normally comes from two sources:
1. Well
2. Pipelines with consumption meter.
3. Pool Feed Pump System


Sewer or drainage lines, home, business or industry, normally have the following drains:
1. Septic
2. Drain Field
3. Main pipe laid by the city or county.
4. Stormwater

Electric Power

The electrical lines, from home, company or industries come from:
1. Transformer
2. Consumption meter
3. Electrical Connection in General


The Gas lines that feed house, business or industries come from:
1. Piping system, with a Meter
2. Gas cylinder buried or superficial

Color code

Localized buried services are marked with paint or a colored flag is placed according to the service.

How it works

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No issues, Edilberto was punctual and friendly, the results of the detection of Underground Services was very good and the service was very fast.

Dan, heppfamily

Impressed with the precision and efficiency! Projects R&F USA’s team swiftly located the underground utilities on our site, saving us time and potential headaches. Highly recommend their services.

María, Construction Manager

Outstanding job! The team at Projects R&F USA demonstrated professionalism and accuracy in detecting our underground communication lines. Their work contributed significantly to the success of our infrastructure project

John, Telecom Engineer

Reliable and thorough service! Projects R&F USA helped us identify underground water pipelines with precision, ensuring the safety of our construction crew and avoiding costly delays. Thank you for your expertise!

Sarah, Project Coordinator

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