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What is ? UL/FM Vertical Post Indicator - w/ Telescopic Adjustment. - Projects RF USA

It is an indicator of the position of buried gate valves (post-indicating valves); and is designed to operate non-rising stem gate valves used in groundwater supply control for automatic sprinklers, water spray deluge, foam and water deluge and standpipe fire protection systems.

Best used is the 5400 model which is universal and can be adjusted to accommodate valve burial depths from 3′ to 15′.

Model 5400 for use with valve sizes 3”~16”

What is it for ?
With this indicator post, valves can be locked in a particular position and operated from outside the protected property, making quick operation of the valves possible in an emergency; and is recommended for use in fire protection piping systems.

1) Each unit consists of four components, the pole, the telescopic tube, the base and the stem.
1) easier adjustment of the OPEN and CLOSE target plates (before the pole is extended to its final position);
2) easier post length adjustment during initial installation; and
3) Prompt post length readjustment if final grade position has been changed.
5) Post indicator will accommodate 4″ to 12″ PIVs that require 14 to 43 turns to open
6) The signpost is designed to withstand up to 900 ft. lbs. of operating torque.
7) The indicator post accepts direct connection of a 1/2” NPT mounting electrical supervisory switching device that can be used by central and proprietary stations to monitor the open position of the indicator post.

Model 5400/5450 Components

What is the purpose of the post indicator valve?
What is a Post Indicator Valve (PIV) and Are They Required?
It provides a means of quick access and control to the water supply control valve so that water can quickly be provided or shut off accordingly, and which also has an indicator that shows whether the valve is open or shut.

Many Underground Service Locators are unaware of the function of this valve, for this reason we have created this Post.

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