Normally, when you have secured the job, the responsibility for any circumstance inherent in it, only appears when exceptionally occurs a specific event that leads to a really complicated situation, with real life consequences.

Image 1. Responsability Concept (http://rabbisacks.org - Apr-2019). PROJECTS RF USA
Image 1. Responsability Concept (http://rabbisacks.org – Apr-2019)

Personal responsibility is the value of being aware of your actions and their consequences. This means taking care of yourself and the commitments you make with others. It is also related to respect for rules, the use of common sense and the valuation of things.

Image 2. Radiolocator technician on his work. (Dec-2018). PROJECTS RF USA
Image 2. Radiolocator technician on his work. (Dec-2018)

In institutions, each employee is responsible for knowing their assigned functions and tasks but also the boss or responsible person must ensure that the worker has mastered the skills necessary to complete the task.

If the employee is not sure how to handle the assigned work, he should communicate to his superiors for suggestions and guidance in the fulfillment of the work, this will help in building good relations not only with his superiors but also with his colleagues.

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When a worker is hired, the training and experience that he / she has in the development of the activities of the position he / she will occupy is usually evaluated, but in some cases this will not be sufficient for the employer, and the employer will have to retrain him / her if he / she has to carry out activities high-risk. This with the objective of saving responsibilities in case the worker suffers or generates an accident at work.

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Even if the worker presents certificates of courses and workshops carried out in the past or with previous employers, the new employer must ensure that the relevant courses are given and that they are consistent with the activity that the hired worker must develop. And of course, take the corresponding measures to minimize the risk of an accident occurring.

Accidents can occur, are inherent in the development of any activity and especially if it is a high-risk activity, which requires that the employer must take the necessary measures to minimize the risk of accidents, and to avoid legal risks that they suppose a demand for omitting the fulfillment of their duties and obligations.

Image 3. Accident on Built (Dec-2018). PROJECTS RF USA
Image 3. Accident on Built (Dec-2018)

It is better to make sure than to trust only in cartons and certifications presented by the worker. The employer must comply with his own, which consists of retraining the worker, if necessary.

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These are the principles and values ​​with which we work in PROJECTS R&F USA. And that’s why we believe that responsibility is a value based on ethics.

Image 4. Utility Locator Service (Jan-2019). PROJECTS RF USA
Image 4. Utility Locating Service (Jan-2019)

Radiolocator technicians must have a high sense of responsibility in the work they perform, whose chances of error are very low; However, in case of failure, the consequences can be terrible, I could say that it is in your hands responsibility for the lives of others. It is also about jobs that require great preparation, “educational, mental and physical maturity”, always demonstrating knowledge that has to be maintained and demonstrated.

A service that can save time and money if it is done before starting the construction process; It is essential to protect assets and people.

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