Direct Connection with Clamp in Telecommunication Wiring

Direct Connection with Cable Clamp Power

Direct Connection with Application of Active Signal Frequency.

Precise indication of the Depth where the Service is located,
When it is exactly above the Utility

Marking of the Location of the Drinking Water Service


We are a Detection Services company of underground facilities, with high levels of performance, reliability and quality through human commitment to meet the needs of our customers by offering them based on our principles of ethics, productivity and work efficiency.


Achieve market leadership and the growth of the organization in the detection services of underground facilities, innovating with the technology of the moment an object of the arrival to be recognized by the operatives and effectively to the changes, the time of search of a development.


PROJECTS R & F USA, Offer the service Image of underground installations with certificates, of our Equipment and Operators, that guarantee the safety and quality of our work.

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