• The organigram of a company has as main objective to present in a clear and direct way the hierarchical structure of the organization.
  • By establishing the organizational structure of the company and making it visible to all positions, the company gains important advantages over the internal organization. One of these is a better visualization of the positions occupied by each one, allowing you to know who the employer is hierarchically connected to. Used strategically, it can facilitate processes within the company.
  • As it is a graphic representation, at a glance you can see the composition of the organization, the different levels of hierarchy within it and the ways in which they relate to each other. All these data have to be shared with the different members of the work team.
  • An organization chart has the capacity to adapt to any type of organization, be it a multinational, a political party, a group of people within a community project, etc. The different types of organization charts allow you to use the one that suits you best and adapt it to your needs.
  • It is essential to develop organizational charts that promote interaction and frequent communication between the areas of marketing, sales and production, says American journalist Sam Ashe-Edmunds in an article published on the Az Central portal. His advice is that companies innovate not only in the creation and sale of products and services, but also in internal management.

Image 1. PROJECTS RF USA Organization Chart (Ago-2019). PROJECTSRFUSA
Image 1. PROJECTS RF USA Organization Chart (Ago-2019)

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