Every day with more frequency when PROJECTS RF USA proceeds to perform an Underground Locating or Utility Locating Services, it encounters a lot of misinformation of our clients. Through experience, PROJECTS RF USA has developed the Best Practices in the Planning, Execution and Delivery of the service we perform. That is why we have prepared the following service considerations.


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PROJECTS RF USA. Our Team in work planning
  1. Provide Data: Name, Address, Telephone Number.
  2. Provide what type of installation: Industrial, Construction, Commercial, Residential.
  3. All the data to be supplied can be sent to us via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Social Netwoks or any other means. Go to CONTACT .
  4. Inform what is the objective of underground radiolocation based on your project.
  5. Indicate that public services require that they be located: Water, Electricity, Gas, Communication, Sewage, Irrigation Water or any other indicated.
  6. Provide pre-service information that helps identify the channeling of public services, such as: plan as built, diagrams, diagrams or sketches among others.
  7. Provide the area to which the service will be performed (Square feet of the area, Linear Feet).
  8. To see details of these and other considerations visit our Blog where you can see our Experiences and Knowledge.


PROJECTS RF USA. Our team in demarcation work
  1. Have the area clean, deforested, without water and without snow for the service.
  2.  It is suggested to let us know the purpose of the service, so we will do a work focused on your need.
  3. The location work will be done by types of channeling (Water, Electricity, Gas, Fiber among others.)
  4. Cables, Pipes or Tank out of service are not detected.
  5. The presence of the client is suggested at the time of performing the Service, to explain the details of the work to be performed.
  6. Before the service our team will recognize the area and if it is considered a photographic record prior to the service.
  7. Radiolocation equipment is equipment that works with RF, so it can interfere with local RF systems. Consider shutting down or suspending the operation of local RF-sensitive systems while the service is being performed. For more information see “Considerations in the detection with the RD7000+ Localizer”
  8. The demarcation of the underground services is carried out with a paint spray of color and quality suitable for this purpose with very low level of toxicity for life. Consider the composition of these to avoid damage to third parties. For more information see “The paint we use in Utility Locating Services”
  9. Consider the climatic aspects to plan the activity. “The Weather: Challenge on Radiolocation”
  10. Consider and notify the possible risks and relevant data when executing the service. “Analysis of risk at work”
  11. All waste derived from the service is our responsibility.
  12. Once the service is completed, we will deliver a Digital Photographic Registers.
  13. To see details of these and other considerations visit our Blog where you can see our Experiences and Knowledge. 
  14. Download our brouchure “Considerations Before The Service”


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  1. If you need to machine dig a distance less than or equal to 1 foot from the mark; dig by hand, to locate the service.
  2. The areas detected are those indicated by the client. In the staking, to make some change of the route, the client must call and inform the technician, to verify the new route. PROJECTS R&F USA is not responsible for excavation damage due to uninformed route changes.
  3. The duration of the brand (Painting) is guaranteed maximum for 5 days. If you have questions, check our website “The paint we use in Utility Locating Services” .
  4. Eliminate or mitigate any other risks that prevent the breakdown of service channels.
  5. The Photographic Records will be in our Server for 5 calendar days. Ask how to get access.
  6. To see details of these and other considerations visit our Blog where you can see our Experiences and Knowledge. 
  7. Download our brouchure “Considerations After The Services”